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We supply Sea and land-frozen fish as well as processed fish products from around the world.

We supply frozen fish and processed fish from the following countries:

- Norway

- Mauritania

- Morocco

- South Africa

- Chili

- New Zealand

- South Korea

- Holland

- Irland

- Spain

- Denmark
- Estonia
- Poland
- Vietnam
- Japan

The most common fish we supply are different species of Frozen Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Hake, Herring, Blue Whiting, Salmon, Trout, Cod, Sprat, Red Snapper, Yellow Croaker, Yellowtail Scad, Pangasius, Tilapia and Mullet.

We are able to supply different cuts that our customers might need. Other than that we can supply by-products for human consumption, and for production of pet-food.

All supplied in packing according to our customers specifications. 

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