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We supply fresh and frozen pork, Beef, Poultry, lamb and mutton for manufactoring of Pet-Food.

Pork: Front feet and hind feet, Ears whole or flaps and inner ear, Head whole and half, Snout, Mask, Tail and tail bone, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Tongue, Brain, Diaphragm, Uteri, Stomachs, Bladder, etc.

Beef: Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung, Aorta, Tongue, Diaphragm, Tripe, Honeycomb, Omasum, Tendons, Testicles, Tail, Feet bleached or burned, Mask, Snout, etc

Chicken: Neck, Back, Back with wings on, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Feet, Paws, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc.

Turkey: Neck, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Testicles, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc. Duck: Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Tongue, Feet, etc.

Goose: Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Feet, etc.

Lamb and Mutton: Head, Racks, Loins, Necks, Trimmings, Heart, Liver, Kidney with or without fat cover, Tripe, Plucks, etc.

All supplied in packing according to our customers specifications.

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