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We supply fresh and frozen chicken, hen, turkey, duck and goose whole birds in different weight ranges, different cuts, offal and by-products.

Chicken: Griller, Broiler, Breast caps, Breast fillet single or butterfly, with or without inner fillet, Inner fillet with or without tendon, Wings 3 joints, 2 joints, prime, mid wing, Wing tips, Leg quarter, Oyster cut leg, Thigh and thigh meat, Drumstick, Boneless legs, Boneless thigh, Breast trimming, Neck, Back, Back with wings on, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Feet, Paws, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc.


Hen: Whole hen, Leg quarter, Breast fillet, Trimming, Wing, Feet, etc.


Turkey: Whole turkey, Breast fillet, Bone in and boneless leg, Wing Prime, 3 joint and 2 joint, Wing tips, Drumstick, Breast trimming,

Neck, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Testicles, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc.

Duck: Whole duck, Breast, Leg, 2 joint wing, Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Tongue, Feet, etc.


Goose: Whole goose, Breast, Leg, 2 joint wing, Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Feet, etc.


All supplied in packing according to our customers specifications.

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